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Tries to make everyone read Shadow of the Templar books ( and my tag for it)

Qui burnibus est, nunc est torch il bastardus
ipso facto

bigbardafree replied to your post: Wow guys, don’t go looking into the Fairy…

WHY IS THERE EVEN FAIRLY ODDPARENTS FANFICTION ….no wait i’ve seen porn of orville reddenbacher…godamnit internet

These are my favourites by far

  • Remy Buxaplenty has fallen for Timmy Turner because of the dreams he’s been having ever since he lost his fairy. Cupid and Juandissimo are together. Jorgen has finally rubbed Norm’s lamp, and finds himself struggling with his feelings for the genie.
  • Tim and Kon find themselves positioned as godparents to one Timmy Turner. They may also be fairies.
    • The story of how Timmy Turner and Chip Skylark find love in each other after hiding it for the other for years.
    • Anti Cosmo / Timmy Turner

Timmy Turner has an accident and dies. Someone’s being kind enough to bring him back to life. Is the boy lucky or could it be better if he stayed dead? Naturally people want to return given favors when only possible. Is this debt worth paying back?

  • Norm still misses Crocker and he wonders if reenacting their dates with his Crockerclone would help.

And many more but my head started to hurt wow