Hello :D My name is Helen, but I'm known as Mirabel or Bell-chan over the internet. I live in Czech Republic. Ace

This is a personal blog and you'll find mostly DC and Marvel heroes here :D I USE CAPS LOCK ALL THE TIME, BE WARNED. ALSO I GET INTO THINGS VERY FAST AND TEND TO BE VERY ENTHUSIASTIC. My other fandoms are Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, DMMD, various animes and books. ASK ME FOR BOOK RECS (forever unable to shut up about Templar). I do Yaoi blogging (I'm yaoi trash)

Tries to make everyone read Shadow of the Templar books ( and my tag for it)

Qui burnibus est, nunc est torch il bastardus
ipso facto

(x) Favourite comics characters-Mera

This man touched me. I asked him to stop. He did not. I could have done worse.