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cool things it would be neat to see in media more often (add your own!):

  • women being friends with each other, no more ‘cat fights’
  • disabled characters whose plots aren’t about how hard it is for their family
  • lgbt characters who aren’t white cis gay men
  • no more token minorities, more actual inclusive representation
  • poc whose cultures are explored and treated with respect
  • more trans characters played by trans actors
  • more woc as main characters 
  • healthy romantic relationships where both people respect each other
  • platonic relationships that are viewed as important
  • less satellite love interests
  • more working class families
  • less fridging, less Black Dude Dies First, less Bury Your Gays
  • more women who aren’t conventionally attractive but are still taken seriously

less allonormativity. less allosexuals. less alloromantics. more ace and aro spectrum characters.

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I identify with this on an alarming level.


I identify with this on an alarming level.

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The first thing I noticed on my first day on the job is that in retail no one sits. Ever. It didn’t matter if it was at the beginning of my shift, if the store was empty, or if my knees, back, and feet ached from hours of standing. Park your behind while on the clock, went the unspoken rule, and you might find it on a park bench scanning the want-ads for a new job. Another quick observation: Working in retail takes more skill than just selling stuff. Besides the mindless tasks one expects—folding, stacking, sorting, fetching things for customers—I frequently had to tackle a series of housekeeping chores that Stretch never mentioned in our welcome-aboard chat. Performed during the late shift, those chores usually meant I’d have to stay well past the scheduled 9 p.m. quitting time. Mop the floors in the bathroom, replace the toilet paper and scrub the toilets if necessary. Vacuum. Empty the garbage. Wipe down the glass front doors, every night, even if they don’t really need it. It was all part of the job, done after your shift has ended but without overtime pay.

My Life as a Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish, and Poor (via azspot)

It’s the fine print that comes with jobs like this that often make them burdens. Ballooning expectations for as minimal pay as possible.

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Everyone should work retail, a retail Christmas preferably, once in their lives. It makes you a better customer.

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^^^^ At least once in their lifetime. $1 tax credit for life with proof of compliance.

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Retail can be fucking brutal physically and mentally.  But because it never, ever lets up, I eventually got so used to it that I didn’t fully realize just how much of a toll my retail job had taken on me until I had to quit and suddenly I just felt SO MUCH BETTER ALL OF THE TIME.

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Anyone who ever disrespects anyone in retail/food service is not someone I want to hang out with. Having worked both, let me tell you, that shit is ROUGH.

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Anthony D. Mackie



No one takes Arrow less seriously than its star.

I <3 Stephen Amell.

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